Richard Branson in Brisbane

(Sir) Richard Branson visits Brisbane this week and this has created hype in the local business community.

Richard Branson visits Brisbane

The great businessman was keynote speaker at the Asia-Pacific Cities Summit (APCS) this week along with Giuliani – another person who I look up to in this world, for his positive changes made to New York City. But I digress… this article is about Richard Branson and the messages I took from his talk.

Sir RB visited QUT’s Business Leaders Forum, interviewed by Kerry Stokes and fielded some very good questions that came from the floor.

Here are the key points of value that I noted during his presentation:

Delegate: Finding people as good as you or better has allowed Richard to:

1) Spend more time at home and with family
2) Make sure businesses are successful from startup through to the enterprises

Starting an entrepreneurial venture:

1) An idea must make a difference to other people’s lives.
2) Get the right people who can deliver the idea
3) Promote your idea, even if it includes making a fool of yourself
4) Screw it, try it out and see. And if it doesn’t work, stop. Then try another project.
5) Don’t over-analyse. You’ll find a bunch of people who will tell you why it’s a bad idea and why you shouldn’t do it.
6) Failure is great education – it’s not really failure. But don’t mortgage your house too often in trying!!

Attracting top talent by being flexible, friendly and fun.

1) Create an environment that people want to work in and be proud working in. Should be fun and not deadly miserably serious.
2) Allow for flexibility in the workforce. For example: If you offer job sharing, approx 20% of people will take you up on it. Same goes for part-time, work from home etc, etc… Let people do what they want and they will work that much harder and they’ll have more time with their families. Unemployment would reduce overall if everyone would do this.

Seeing Richard talk re-iterated the simplicity of doing things that make sense and are good to other people. Also that we should see the reality in situations and be a leader who inspires people to do the things they are best at doing.

These good value benchmarks and are sensible for us to measure our business ventures against. I know I will…


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