How to be more lucky – 3 Simple Steps

Just yesterday, a well meaning relative pointed out that my Wife and I were always so lucky and got everything we wanted. Well that sounds like a pretty far out thing to say, but it did get me thinking… Is that true? Am I really lucky?? If so, what is luck and how do you get it?

Lucky frog

Lucky frog

When I look back at my my life, I have been purposely associating with many lucky people and taking many ‘lucky’ actions. Many of the people in my life say they have been blessed – people like CEO’s of companies, people with happy families and people with abundant wealth.

Okay, let’s say that associating with lucky people has something to do with it. But what if you don’t know people like this? Well… neither did I. Not initially anyway. I started associating with CEO’s and abundantly wealthy people by reading their books, listening to CD’s (and tapes back in the day) and going to seminars.

Now let’s get one thing straight: I have never won the lottery. Nor do I take home every meat tray from the RSL. But… I do like to think that I am very lucky and very blessed. With my family, my career, my finances and my business. My ‘lucky’ experiences can be boiled down to 3 simple points which I will share with you now:

1) Maximise your chances of being lucky
– Start many things. Take calculated risks. Have faith in yourself.

2) Expect good fortune
– Expect the best of other people and every situation.
– When times are tough, look for the opportunity. Good opportunities always exist. Especially in tough times.
– When times are good, look for ways you can do good to others. Good deeds always payoff. It’s natural law.

3) Be intuitive
– Go with a hunch. Meditate. Don’t over-analyse.

There you have it – my three simple steps to having good luck.

Take care and good luck to you!!


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