Keyword ranking rollercoaster – keeping your lunch down

I’m usually quite a level headed person, but when I see my
keyword ranks peek through to page 1 or 2, you had better be prepared for a
celebration of high-fives all around and big smiles!

weird celebration high five

On the flip side, when rankings invariably drop it’s time to either slump in your chair or pick up a weapon and start fighting for your rank!

A year ago, I barely used Facebook. Nowadays, I post on Blogs, upload movies to YouTube and post photo’s to Flikr – all which have good SEO capabilities.

If you are like me, you love the exhilaration of keyword rank ups and downs. It’s a fun, challenging and rewarding ride. Trying to fight the fear of losing rank is like trying to keep your composure while dropping down the big dip. Just go with it and take the ride again.

What I think makes a big difference to your persistence along the journey is belief in your value offering. If I can give Free Brisbane Advertising in my business and help my local tradespeople and community, then it is something worth fighting for.

I’m sure your fight for rank is worth it too, right??


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