Why Internet Advertising works in Australia

People always tell me that Internet Advertising is the best way to market, but it wasn’t until I experienced having some leads come from page 1 listings, that I started looking into why this is the case…

What I found explained why this is all happening: In 2011, most Australians had spent more time in front of their computer than they do in front of the TV!

According to the ABS, in 2008-09, three-quarters (74%) of people aged 15 years and over used the Internet.

Most people were accessing the internet from home, which suggests they were using it for personal reasons. Hmmm… are you starting to wonder where you should spend your advertising dollars?

In 2008-2009 SIX MILLION homes had internet access. That’s a whopping 78% of households! So it’s not just office workers reading their emails…

You might be wondering how often these people are actually surfing the net and discovering businesses like yours. Well… for the home internet users, over nine in ten (94%) were using the internet at least once a week, with over half (58%) of these people accessing the internet daily, up from 50% in 2006-07. That’s huge.

94% of internet users are browsing every single week and 58% every day!

But are these people really going to buy from you online? Well, let’s hear what the Australian Bureau of Statistics says: “Many Australians use the internet to shop online. In 2009, the domestic online retail sales for all sectors of the economy were estimated to have totalled between $19 and $24 billion“. Excuse me… was that around TWENTY FOUR BILLION DOLLARS. Ok, that answers that question. People are spending a lot of money online.

The data doesn’t lie. Most people are all over the internet. Your customers are all over the internet and making transactions online! There are many things we can conclude about this, but the one thing I would stress to you is that you should seriously consider advertising on the internet.

And it doesn’t have to be expensive. There are plenty of free internet advertising programs to choose from. Locally there is free brisbane advertising, there is free sydney advertising and I bet there is free advertising in your local area too. Better than free, you can even make money with Google Advertising. Search for advertising through Google for your local area and industry and you’ll be surprised the number of sites there to help you.

For those already into Internet Marketing, these stats above should confirm why you have been seeing such a ‘buzz’. If you are not yet marketing your business online… catch-up!

Happy browsing…