How to run your own PR like a Pro | 4 simple steps

As a start-up, getting good PR can be a great marketing channel for getting early awareness and generating new customers. I assume you are passionate about your product and have a good handle on why the market needs your product or service.

Running your own PR campaign can be time consuming and exhausting, so let’s not waste any more time and get a short list of 4 action items to help you get on your way:

StBreaking Newsep1: Identify niche writers. See who writes for your product/service industry. Keep this list handy – like a PR Prospect list that you can return to again and again.

Step2: Contact them. Reference their work and interests. For example” I enjoyed your article on… There is another new product in the market (your product) that you may be interested in….”

– Use statistics. I’m sure you have developed a business case and know why the market is going to eat up your new product or service. Share some of your market research (E.g. changes in consumer behaviour shows that people are buying more green USB sticks than red…”. Bad example, but you get my drift…

Step3: Follow-up. Unless you get lucky, you won’t hear back straight way. Follow up using a short, sharp message. Don’t annoy them with another long email to read. Something like “can I send you some photos of how the Australian market is already loving this product?”

Step4: Rinse and repeat. Learn from your rejections. Listen to any feedback (you won’t always get feedback) and keep going at it.

That’s about it. Sounds simple, but like anything with start-ups it’s about the value of your research and your persistence in action.

Good luck start-up PR Pro’s!


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