Save your money – use Free Business Software

Don’t get me started on the cost of starting and running a business! To improve cashflow and increase productivity, I’ve invested a lot of time to find great, free software.

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Save your money using free business software

Here is my list of tried and tested products that I recommend as high quality, professional and FREE!

Do your own professional level creative design & customise images: Gimp

  • Free postscript editor
  • Handles transparencies very well
  • Professional image touch-up capabilities

Creative Design Editing without the Price Tag: InkScape & Zamzar

  • Free Adobe Illustrator Editor
  • Free Online Microsoft Publisher Converter (to word, PDF, html, …)

Manage your emails just like in Outlook: Mozilla Thunderbird

  • Heaps of plugins available. Can add Calender plug-in called Lightning

Email marketing and manage website subscriptions: Mailchimp

  • Auto-responders, form registration plug-ins, send emails, track campaigns…
  • Example of opt-in subscription form (for a free speed training course)

Edit your own promotional videos: Windows Movie maker

  • Comes standard with many versions of Windows
  • Example of Improve Kick Speed product promo movie

Edit your own audio files professionally: Audacity

  • Mix tracks, noise removal, overlay tracks, fading, plenty of effects and tools!

Create free eBook covers like a pro: MyeCoverMakerfree eBook cover creator

  • Don’t let the dodgy name fool you. This makes pretty slick 3D eBook covers for free. Customise text, colours, styles. There are paid options, but the free stuff looks pretty good

Get royalty free stock images: stock.xchng

  • Not bad images. Also search for “Creative Common” licenced images on

Great background music for your promo videos: Freeplay Music

  • Search for your type of music (ambience, rock, driving, blues, metal, etc…), instruments
  • Hear samples, download quickly and easily. No registration. Very simple, fast and high quality backing music

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