Cyberglasses – A lucrative market from Google Project Glass

Project Glass eyewearYou’ve probably heard some of the hype around Google’s Project Glass. Birthing from this new technology, will be a new platform of user interactivity. Remember the hype and scale emerging from the introduction of mobile and tablet devices and how rapidly this shifted the technology and services market? Well, this is tipped to be the next revolutionary user device.

If you are an entrepreneur or a developer looking to get in at ground level to claim your stake in this emerging market, follow my Cyber Glasses business here: Cyber Glasses

Here’s the original marketing product teaser released by Google.

Now that’s opened up a new horizon of opportunities to watch!

Cyberglasses Development photo courtesy of

Also, perhaps you are interested specifically in the Google Glass technology, rather than the holistic Cyberglasses market. That’s ok… here’s 4 steps to become a market leader in the world of Google Glass Development! Check it out, or not… your choice.


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