Business Success Checklist – 5 point checklist

siimon reynoldsToday, I was reading an email from business mentor, Siimon Reynolds. You might recognise Siimon’s photo from a previous season of Dragon’s Den. Siimon asked me 5 simple questions today.

Those 5 simple questions helped me realise where I need to improve, to be successful in my business.

Here they are:

    • Have you got absolutely clear about your year’s goals?
    • Are you working quickly and efficiently?
    • Are you spending several hours a day working on getting new customers in?
    • Are you treating yourself with respect, physically and mentally?
    • Are you remembering to enjoy each day, no matter how difficult it may be?

Going through this process of questioning may identify opportunities for improvement for success in your business too.

Here’s a spreadsheet to help you record these and identify any gaps you may have.

Business Owners Success Checklist

If you’ve identified areas of improvement, make sure you keep this list where you can revisit it again.

I believe success only comes when you regularly perform at your peak. When you consistently do the right things, without deviating, stopping, second guessing or wildly changing tact without purpose. Therefore, targeting scores of 9 or 10 across each business should be important – or perhaps seriously consider dropping and refocusing on the ones that are valuable. I have some work to do in some of my businesses, with scores currently ranging between 5 and 6.

How do you fair against this brief checklist?Question

Please share your result below, along with any insights gained.


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