Fixing disabled Gimp image to alpha option

If you have ever done image manipulation, you’ve probably heard or used the awesome free tool Gimp. It’s on the list of recommended free software for entrepreneurs.

This is a quick post to address something a lot of people keep stumbling with in Gimp: the image to alpha menu option being greyed out/disabled.

I must be dumb, because every time I have this issue I need to research how to fix it too. Well, to make all of our lives easier, here’s the simplest way to fix this issue and have your image to alpha menu option become available.

Simply, you need to change the image from an Indexed Image to either RGB or Greyscale, through the Image-Mode menu.

Gimp Image to Alpha

That’s it. Always works for me, let me know if it is not so simple for you.

Any other technical issues, check one of the Gimp Forums here:,,,


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