Add Google Remarketing code to WordPress Blog

Want to setup Google re-marketing and add the remarketing code to a wordpress blog?

It’s very easy, but not very well explained. Simply, in WordPress go to Appearance, Editor. Select the footer.php and insert your Google code before the </body> tag.

Google remarketing code in wordpress

How to generate & use this remarketing code is explained in Googles help page here:

As a general tip as advised by Google, add the code to your entire site and start capturing traffic information. Later, you can slice and dice the list data based on your different website URLs (pages) and start targeting some ads to these visitors.


6 responses to “Add Google Remarketing code to WordPress Blog

  1. Hey Man — great article! One question, though —

    This doesn’t work for WP users who have Thesis. There’s no “footer” under Advanced > Editor. Any idea how to add the remarketing code for Thesis users with WP? Thanks!

  2. Many thanks for this brisrocket!
    I was looking for a plugin to do this but they all seemed to crash my site, your solution worked perfectly. 🙂

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